A large bay area of guangdong

The bay area economy as an important coastal economic form, is prominent in today’s international economic landscape, it’s the obvious symbol of one flow coastal cities in the world.International flow bay area such as the New York bay area, San Francisco bay area, Tokyo bay, etc., to open, innovative, livability and international into its most important characteristic, with open economy structure, efficient allocation of resources ability, powerful agglomeration spillover and developed international communication network, plays a leading innovation, gather the core function of radiation, and has become an important growth pole to drive the development of global economy and lead the technical change leader.


On March 5, 2017 at the 12th session of the fifth session of the National People’s Congress, the state council premier li keqiang made in his government work report, to promote the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao to deepen cooperation, study and formulate a large bay area of guangdong urban agglomeration development plan, to play the unique advantages, Hong Kong and Macao ascension in the position and function of national economic development and opening to the outside.At this point, a big rise in the bay area of guangdong for international strategic move towards the world, become the American New York bay, the San Francisco bay, the world’s fourth largest after Japan’s Tokyo bay bay area.




On April 7, 2017, issued by national development and reform commission (NDRC) formulated the \”2017 state-level new system and mechanism innovation work key point.Of guangzhou nansha district, Hong Kong and Macao to work points to deepen the depth of cooperation to explore, promote the construction of a professional service agglomeration zone of guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao cooperation demonstration platform of industrialization of scientific and technological achievements and talents, leading regional open kinetic energy conversion model of innovation and development.Innovation and Hong Kong and Macao in information technology, professional services, financial and financial background services, science and technology research and development and achievements in the fields of cooperation, to promote services mutual recognition of professional qualifications, to attract professional talents.Perfect wisdom \”customs clearance\” system, build the international and domestic resources two-way flow of investment promotion service platform.Exploring court leading, social participation, simultaneously, the legal system safeguard internationalization, specialization and socialization of multiple dispute resolution platform, optimize the environment of the rule of law.


A large bay area of guangdong from guangzhou, foshan, zhaoqing, shenzhen, dongguan, huizhou, zhuhai, zhongshan, jiangmen, nine cities and two Hong Kong and Macao special administrative region form of urban agglomeration, urban agglomeration is a world class national construction and participate in global competition is an important spatial carrier.



\”9 + 2\” is a large bay area of guangdong strategic concept, means that the population of 66.72 million, 9.35 trillion yuan GDP, more means of cooperation between the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao to deepen bring comprehensive advantage.In the future, a large bay area of guangdong would become the new business CARDS for the world.

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